Dr. Michael Kasha

To the world of science he was a chemist, physicist and teacher.
To the world of stringed instruments he was someone who brought
a fresh eye and a new way of looking at how instruments functioned and could sound.
Dr. Kasha traveled the world visiting museums and libraries tracing the history
of the guitar over the ages. Meetings with virtuoso guitarists, such as Andre Segovia,
shaped his understanding of what did and didn't work for a guitarist.
His work with Richard Schneider and Steve Klein was groundbreaking.
He made it ok to look around and ask, what can I bring to the world of instrument making?
He was innovative and an inspiration to many luthiers.

My first acoustic bass guitar was made possible with the collaboration between myself,
Dr. Kasha, and Richard Schneider.
I feel fortunate to have known him and thankful that I had the chance to work with him.

Jay T. Hargreaves


classical guitar with cut-away
Kasha/Schneider nylon string guitar
built by
Richard Schneider
George Majkowski
Jay Hargreaves
completed Aug 21, 2001

Dr. Kasha commissioned Richard to build this guitar for his son Nicolas. At the time I took on the project, the parts were still only roughed out. A few braces were on the top, the neck was rough cut and George had started to brace the back. Completing this guitar was my way of paying tribute to Richard who had taught me so much in the 10 years that I worked with him, to Dr. Kasha for his insight, and to George for being my friend and mentor. ~Jay


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